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28 Apr 2020

Stewardship Manager – California Rangeland Trust

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Combine your extensive experience in financial management with your passion for preserving our environment by joining our leadership. Protecting the Golden State’s working rangelands for generations to come is a monumental goal.  Playing a key role in accomplishing that goal can be a personal gratifying achievement for many people.  Now there is an opportunity to play that role and feel the pride of knowing you helped permanently conserve thousands of acres of valuable rangelands throughout California.

At the California Rangeland Trust, we work with California ranching families and future generations to preserve our Golden State’s rangeland, air and water quality, wildlife habitat, and local food supplies.  The Rangeland Trust is a non-profit organization founded by a group of innovative cattlemen and cattlewomen in 1998, to conserve the open space, natural habitat and stewardship provided by California’s ranches. We are pleased to have helped permanently protect over 340,000 acres of privately-owned rangeland.

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