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Membership Meeting Materials

2021 Quarterly Membership Meetings

October 25, 2021 Policy Summit All Members Quarterly Meeting

  • CA State Budget: hear detail on programs funded through the CA State Budget surplus
  • 2021 CCLT policy initiative wins: safeguarding your conservation investments and advancing land trust priorities in 2021
  • Resources Bond: prospects for the future
  • 30×30: What’s Next?
  • 2022 CCLT Policy Priority Discussion: CCLT 2022 policy platform priorities are under development, members are invited to weigh in on 2022 priorities

July 26, 2021 Membership Meeting

CCLT provides policy updates including:
  • Next steps on the State’s 30/30 initiative including how member land trust can engage and CCLT survey progress
  • Status of State natural resources bonds (SB 45 and AB 1500)
  • Status of State budget allocations for conservation
  • Details on CCLT’s priority bills and initiatives including welfare exemptions for property taxes & volunteers, remedies for CIV 815.11, natural heritage tax credit and more
  • Next steps for mitigation policy initiatives

Download Kim Delfino’s July 26 PowerPoint Presentation here.

April 26, 2021 Membership Meeting

2021 Policy Platform, 30 by 30 and Key Issues CCLT Quarterly Membership Meeting

There’s a lot of exciting things happening in California conservation! In this meeting, we:
  • Heard about top legislative priorities from CCLT’s new policy consultant, the Sacramento-based Pacific Policy Group, including next steps to accomplish our agenda.
  • Joined policy expert Kim Delfino to discuss the Governor’s 30 by 30 Executive Order and CCLT’s all members’ strategy in support of this important initiative.
  • Met with two top conservation leaders from the Western Region, Wendy Ninteman and Wendy Millet, to learn what LTA and CCLT are doing together to help meet the needs of our membership.
  • Moderated Q&A.

Meeting Materials to Download:

Kim Delfino Presentation to CCLT Membership


Kim Delfino’s Toolkit for Engagement in the Regional Workshops


Regional 30 by 30 Workshops

California’s land trusts have an important role to play in helping California achieve its biodiversity, climate resiliency, and equitable access to nature goals.

CCLT is working to ensure that land trusts will be key partners in the state’s effort. These California Natural Resources Agency workshops mark the beginning of the process and provide an opportunity for engagement with the state as it drafts its strategies for implementing these goals.

To help CCLT help you, our member land trusts, we are looking for examples of how land trusts in the nine regions are already providing benefits to biodiversity, climate resilience, equitable access, food security, and economic prosperity. If you have an example, please share it with us by sending it to mail@calandtrusts.org.


Over the next several months we will be communicating with you about this critical effort and how we can ensure that California’s land trusts are primary partners with the state as it pursues these important conservation, climate, equity, and economic goals.

Quarterly meetings are a member benefit of the California Council of Land Trusts