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Conservation Partners LLP

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Conservation Partners LLP

Founded in 1999

Mission Statement: Conservation Partners is a public interest law firm whose mission is to promote and assist with conservation of land on a national scale using our lawyers’ experience and skills as transactional and tax attorneys. Conservation strategies we help implement include conservation easement acquisitions and stewardship, federal and state tax deductions, mitigation conservation easement projects, carbon projects, and other forms of recognizing, monetizing, and documenting ecosystem services. Other services include advising land trust clients with regard to land trust governance, administration, nonprofit status, and accreditation.

Areas Covered: Nationally, with an emphasis on California. Conservation Partners has helped facilitate the conservation of hundreds of thousands of acres through conservation easements..

Protected: 0 fee title acres and 0 conservation easement acres

Website: conservationpartners.com

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5111 Telegraph Avenue #311
Oakland, CA 94609

Phone: 510-859-4508

Email: admin@conservationpartners.com