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California Poppy

The Friends of CCLT gift is a unique way for you to give a meaningful gift and support land conservation in California at the same time. With your donation you help to support the work that CCLT does to support conservation and preservation of some of California’s most iconic landscapes. Big Sur, Mendocino, Catalina Island, Sonoma County, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles area park-lands, farm lands, rangelands, working agricultural lands, arid desert lands, major watershed lands, foothills and mountains in and around the Sierra, and numerous areas along the Monterey peninsula are part of CCLT’s family of members.

Contributions help CCLT provide training and services to the statewide land trust community, and stay abreast of legislative and regulatory changes to ensure these lands are preserved forever. Your gift helps you extend your support to include your family and friends.


Thank you to our 2018-2019 Friends of CCLT:

Linus Eukel

Jeannette Tuitele-Lewis 

Walter Moore

Harry Pollack

Sarah Connick

Dave Koehler

Bridget Fithian 

Dave Koehler 

Kay Ogden 

Wendy Millet 

Karen Scarborough 

Mark Silberstein

Mary Kate McKenna

Robin Jepsen

Larry Peteron

Linda McCarthy

Huey Johnson

Gabe Harris

Doreen Aultz

Marsha Stone