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03 Aug 2021

Field Steward 1 – Solano Land Trust

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Field Steward 1 works on all Solano Land Trust (SLT) properties (nine properties totaling over 11,600 acres). Field Steward 1 helps to control weeds, to maintain water infrastructure including troughs and restoration irrigation systems, and to maintain trail, with other duties as assigned. Field Steward 1 works under the direction of the Field Operations Manager (FOM), and may be called upon to work on restoration projects or to assist in vegetation monitoring. Field Steward 1 works in close coordination with other Lands Team staff. Field Steward 1 supports the Lands Team in property, facility and equipment maintenance.  He/she may occasionally lead or supervise temporary employees, volunteers, including prison work crews, or contractors. Field Steward 1 works closely with all Solano Land Trust staff and others to support the Solano Land Trust mission. Field Steward 1 interacts with the public and supports use of all facilities by visiting scientists, user groups, and the general public.

Job Link: https://solanolandtrust.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=8&source=aWQ9OA%3D%3D