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08 Oct 2018

Executive Director- The Community Alliance with Family Farmers

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The Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) is a membership organization guided by a board of directors that includes family farmers and others who are passionate about food, farming, and the environment. CAFF’s mission is to build sustainable food and farming systems through policy advocacy and on-the-ground programs that create more resilient family farms, communities, and ecosystems. We help farmers increase their income and sustainability and make it easy for community members and businesses to find and choose local food. CAFF works on-the-ground with family farmers to assist them with sustainable growing practices, food safety plans, and introductions to new markets. CAFF has taken exciting steps to further expand its reach and ensure its ongoing vitality by merging with The Farmers Guild (Jan 2017) and merging the California Small Farm Conference into our organization (Fall 2018). This year CAFF celebrates its 40th year as the leading organization in California advocating for a sustainable food and farming system.

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