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28 Sep 2021

Environmental Scientist and Associate – San Francisco Estuary Institute

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Environmental Scientist and Associate Environmental Scientist Positions Available at the San Francisco Estuary Institute

The San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) seeks an environmental scientist (or engineer) and an associate environmental scientist (or engineer) to join an interdisciplinary team investigating nutrient biogeochemistry and ecosystem responses in San Francisco Bay. This work will be carried out in support of the San Francisco Bay Nutrient Management Strategy, a multi-year science program studying the impacts of nutrient loads to San Francisco Bay and evaluating potential management actions. Working with regional collaborators, we study the Bay’s biogeochemistry, water quality, and habitat condition using ship-based sampling, high-frequency in situ sensors, bivalves as biosentinels of algal toxins, and coupled hydrodynamic-biogeochemical modeling.

A major focus of both positions will be on the analysis and interpretation of large, rich datasets (e.g., multi-year high-frequency mooring datasets; multi-decade monitoring program data) to gain mechanistic insights into ecosystem dynamics and/or to characterize status and trends in water quality indicators. In addition, one or both of the positions (depending on areas of expertise and experience), will play a major role contributing to on-going and future field work, including managing and expanding the SFEI-NMS moored sensor program, targeted mechanistic field studies, and/or data management including QA/QC oversight and data visualization.

Title: Environmental Scientist
Program: Clean Water
Requisition No. CW-2021-02

Title: Associate Environmental Scientist
Program: Clean Water
Requisition No. CW-2021-03

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