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About Us

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Photo courtesy of Feather River Land Trust

Our Mission:

CCLT’s mission is to conserve California’s extraordinary land and water resources through a strong network of land trusts with one cohesive voice across urban and rural communities.

Our Vision:

We see a future where all California residents share a common conservation ethic and benefit from having access to clean water, healthy food, parks and other natural lands where they live.

To reach this vision CCLT is committed to:

  • Supporting effective land and water conservation across California by ensuring that land trusts are equipped with the knowledge, funding and laws to make it happen
  • Embracing the diversity of land trust missions that includes conservation of native habitats, wildlife, waterways, working farms and ranches, urban parks and open space
  • Cultivating a new and inclusive land conservation ethic that spans generations and respects the ethnicity and cultural diversity of our great State
  • Sharing what we are learning through our network of State and national land trust partners

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