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About Us

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Photo courtesy of Feather River Land Trust

Our Mission:

The California Council of Land Trust’s mission is to build a statewide land trust community equal to the challenge and privilege of conserving our extraordinary land and water resources for all Californians. We serve as a unified voice for more than 150 land trusts working in local communities throughout California.

Our Vision:

There is nowhere on earth like California. Its rich natural diversity, awe-inspiring beauty, world-class recreation and essential agricultural lands make protecting California’s natural heritage not just a statewide obligation but also a national mandate.

Strong land trusts are a powerful and effective way to protect California’s extraordinary land and water resources. Our vision is that land trusts will undertake strategic, effective, and community-based land and water conservation because they are equipped with the knowledge, funding and laws to do so. By combining the passion of people to protect and enjoy our natural heritage with the expertise and financial wherewithal to succeed, CCLT leads the effort to conserve California’s beauty, agriculture, wildlife, open space and recreational resources today and tomorrow.

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